Most people buy their ice cream at the store, ready-made. On special occasions some of us still make it at home. Mostly, we do this using specially designed ice cream machines with a frozen insert to make the delicious dessert. But sometimes we use the power of salt and ice to steal the heat away […]

There are an uncountable number of news sites and news aggregators and people blogging about science news. This blog will not be about anything new. Instead I have decided to write about the things that I write about and talk about every day as a science educator. When I explain things to students I am […]

I now have several years of teaching behind me. Being a teacher of chemistry gives me a different perspective on teaching and learning. Different, that is, from most of the general public and perhaps different from teachers of subjects other than science. As a student of science and math I have a somewhat different experience […]

I am a chemistry teacher and I teach in a high school in Maine. I have a web site which makes all of the curriculum I have written over the years available to anyone with an Internet connection. I am proud of the writing I have done in producing lab activities, group work with detailed […]